Spiritual Roleplay

Playing with the Divine can be quite freeing if you have spent a lot of time in very traditional meditation, religious, and spiritual practices or if you have a hard time with seated meditation or are new to connecting to divine consciousness in general.

Spiritual Role Play allows you to play with different aspects of yoga, kundalini, Christ Consciousness, Muslim, Hindu, and Jewish traditions, Animism, shamanic dance, breathwork, manifesting, spell casting and ritual in a safe and loving way so that you can start to hear your own internal guidance and feel connected with your conception of divinity and higher self on your journey.

Lindsey Marie specializes in co-creating unique rituals and daily spiritual practices for her one on one and group clients that create a sense of calm, ease, synchronicity, joy and next level confidence and intuition

Every experience is uniquely designed for the individual/group and may include:

Mindfulness, Dance and Movement Meditation

Guided Visualizations

Ethical Rituals and Magic

Akashic Records and Past life regression

Heart-Centered Prayer

Somatic techniques to reverse triggers and stress relief


Below are some examples and testimonials

Please book a Discovery Call with me to get clear insight on your path and see how I can best support you!

CLICK HERE TO BOOK a 1on1 or Group Session

CLICK HERE TO BOOK a 1on1 or Group Session

Below UC Berkley Students share their case study experience with listening to by guided chakra balancing meditation!

“The verbal affirmations ignite these chemical reactions from your brain that tell your body to calm down and be centered and be aware of the energy sources that we hold within us.” -Danielle Johnson U.C. Berkeley Grad Student

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