Transformational RolePlay

An Improvisational, ritual experience to make the highest version of your sexy, most-confident self a reality

All aspects of Transformational Roleplay are designed to have you step into the sexiest, most confident and empowered version of yourself. Whether that is in your career or relationships or simply how you think or feel about yourself.

Transformational Roleplay is non-sexual, but it does push the limit of what we may normally engage in with others in a safe and spiritual container.

The process includes inner child play, dance and movement meditation, dialogue, improv, somatic and neurological reprogramming and manifestation techniques.

Transformational Roleplay can be done solo, with couples, in small or large groups and/or with a coach.

So what role do you want to try on?

Themes can range from stepping into your ideal self, to feeling sexy and confident in your body, to shadow work or role reversal.

Lindsey Marie has been working on this project for 8 years and it has finally come together after years of working as a traditional relationship, business and spiritual coach, a movement and mediation teacher, and a burlesque dancer.

Lindsey Marie uses Somatic Techniques, Breathwork, Shamanic Journeying practices, Improv, and Compassionate Communication and Feedback and Accountability Empowerment to take her clients from “blocked”, “burnout” or “timid” to making money in their passion, finding their soul mate, to experiencing ease and fulfillment by manifesting it all from within.



“If they sold this experience in a pill at the drugstore, it would be sold out all the time.”

Roman R., Entrepreneur, Environmental Activist, World renowned DJ & Designer, shares his experience of the visualization.

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